Competitive Assessment for Internet Marketing

How well can your (existing or planned) website compete in your field? What is the competitive landscape like? We can let you know where you stand relative to your competition. If you are considering a new website-based line of business, we can measure your competition before you invest too much money. Find out in advance what kind of competition you're up against and what you'll need to do succeed.

Our competitive assessment measures the scope of the opportunity in your market and measures the strength of the websites that already have a presence. We can give you objective insight that will inform your strategic business planning and marketing planning.

Our report helps answer such questions as:

  • Is your website business model viable?
  • Can you play effectively in this space?
  • How many people are doing internet searches for what you have to offer?
  • Who are your major internet competitors?
  • How sophisticated are your major online competitors?
  • What will you have to do rank higher in the Google search results than your competitors?
  • Can you expect enough free ("natural" or "organic") traffic from people doing Google searches, or will you need to buy internet advertising to attract visitors to your website?
  • Can your planned website design compete effectively?

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