Our methodology

Pay-per-click(PPC) management

Our goal is to create an effective campaign for you and keep its position as competitive as your budget allows. To do this, we start by studying your website and your competitors' sites to understand your customers and industry. We develop keywords and advert text to attract the visitors who are most interested in what you have to offer. We then work with you to determine your monthly budget. Once your campaign is in place, we make the most of your monthly budget by getting you the highest quality clicks for the lowest cost. We do this by monitoring your campaign frequently and adjusting keywords and advert text as needed. Each month, we provide reports that show your campaign's activity by keyword, cost and average position in the list of displayed adverts.
Read our PPC advertising methodology.

Website evaluation

Here we evaluate your current website in order to see how effectively it is achieving your marketing goals. We provide insight into how well-positioned your site is to attract visitors and how it could better convert those visitors into customers. We evaluate your website's search engine friendliness, usability and how it compares with your competitors' sites. Our report conveys our findings in clear detail and serves as a starting point for improving your website and measuring the rate of improvement.

One-day "quick start" training

We visit your site for one day to give you a basic overview of internet marketing and point you in the right direction for moving forward. During this visit we do the following: understand your business objectives and resources; provide an overview of internet marketing options and challenges; and provide initial tools and next steps for getting started.

Marketing strategy

Our approach first considers your overall business strategy, marketing strategy and your branding. In this way, we ensure that the internet marketing strategy we help you develop fits in with all of the other channels by which customers learn of and interact with your business.

Understanding your customers is key to effective marketing communication. We guide you through a process of analysis to understand better your customers' motivations, interests, likes and dislikes.

Web analytics

We put in place the most appropriate methods for measuring and tracking usage of your website. By measuring the relationship between marketing cause and effect, we can advise you on the success of your internet marketing and recommend ways to enhance its effectiveness.