Viral marketing

Coppervine can help you create “buzz” and get more traffic to your website.

What are Viral Marketing and Buzz Marketing and What Can They Do for Me?

Traditional search engine marketing will take you far toward making your website visible and brining in visitors. However, if you really want to take your website's visibility to the next level, it's important to create a “buzz” around it. You want people to be eager to spread the word about your website. They should tell their friends about it and pass the website's link on to others, saying “You have to see this!”

When other people are so excited about what's on your website that they tell their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends, then your website’s popularity grows exponentially.

Social media websites such as YouTube and MySpace, social news sites such as Digg, and social bookmarking sites such as are becoming increasingly important in creating “buzz”. Do you know what potential they have for your business?

From Idea Through Production

Coppervine can help you understand and use buzz marketing and social media websites. We can also help you conceive of and implement potentially viral ideas. Whether it’s creating catchy media such as cool flash animations, 30-second videos, compelling blogs, or addictive internet games, Coppervine can come up with great ideas and follow through to produce them.

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