Web analytics

Would you like to know more about how clients and customers find your website? Where your visitors are coming from? What they want to see on your website? How you can improve your website's design and content and help visitors engage with your website? Web analytics and campaign tracking can help you answer those questions. Coppervine can help you plan and implement your web analytics and campaign tracking methods. We can help your marketers, sales team, business analysts, and web developers get the data and insights they need to make informed strategic and tactical decisions.

Custom reporting to meet your managers' needs

Your managers want reports that allow them to quickly and easily find the information and guidance they need in order to meet their targets. Coppervine can create custom reporting tailored for the way your managers work. We work with you to determine or clarify the KPIs and actionable metrics your managers need. We then create custom reports that allow your managers to make the most of their time and prioritize their activities.

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